Perm $90
Pre Chemical Clarifying Treatment $20
Post Chemical Deep Conditioning Mask $20
Post Chemical Color Rinse  $20
Relaxer/Chemical Straightening Coming Soon


MALIBU C 2-step treatments, 100% Vegan, choose from:

(a)Blonde Brightening

   -brightens blondes & highlights

   -restores vibrant color & shine

   -infuses vital moisture

(b)Hard Water Remedy

   -eliminates brassiness & discoloration

   -removes minerals to purify hair

   -restores volume & radiant shine

(c)Swimmer Hair Remedy

   -removes chlorine, minerals & salts

   -restores shine & manageability

   -safe & gentle for all ages

Finish with MALIBU C Miracle Repair Hair Reconstructor

   -restores strength, shine & volume

   -instantly repairs & detangles

   -replenishes vital moisture   



Schwarzkopf Bond Sealer & Keratin Restore Treatment 

-with intergrated bonding technology for intense repairing

-repairs the internal structure of fragile hair

-helps to create new bonds within the hair fiber

-balances the optimum moisture level of porous hair


 *Please note:

           A 15 min free consultation is advised prior to any initial chemical service (color, perm, relaxer). Please refrain from washing hair & irritating the scalp the day of any chemical service. For optimal results, a pre -  chemical clarifying treatment as well as a post chemical deep conditioning mask is recommended. Prices my be adjusted according to hair length and texture.