Men's Dry Cut (4-6wk maintenance) $35
Men's Wash & Cut (4-6wk maintenance) $40
Men's Long to Short Wash & Cut $50
Hair Wash Only $15
Shape-up (neck & sideburn trim only) $15
Eyebrow Trim (FREE with haircut) $8
Mustache Trim (FREE with beard Trim) $10
Beard Trim in addition to haircut $20
Full Face Trim includes shape-up $30
Eyebrow Wax $20
Earlobe Wax $20
Curly Perm $75+
Single step gray blending hair color $45+
Single step full coverage hair color $55+
Eyebrow Tint (FREE with color) $20
Highlights $75+
Pre-chemical Clarifying Treatment $15
Post-chemical Deep Conditioning Mask $15
Post-chemical Toner/Glaze/Gloss $25+




*Please note:

- In order to qualify for a DRY haircut, hair must be washed prior to service. It must be free of all styling products, as well as chlorine buildup. 

-In order to qualify for a 15% off SENIOR discount, you must be age 67 & older. 

-Haircuts that are not maintained every 4-6wks will be charged the "long to short" price of $50.